About Nuthatch & Bluet

I started making handprinted fabric as a creative outlet to balance my career in Elementary Education. I began making things decades before the acronym “DIY” was used and have had a lifelong fascination with color and pattern design. I was also fortunate to have a mom who taught me to sew at a very early age. So creating designs on fabric is a happy confluence of my interests.The name of the studio came from the common birds and flowers that surround me in our country home. Nuthatches are spunky little birds that appeal to my design sense with their black caps and blue gray wings. And bluets are tiny early flowers that sprinkle the hills in spring. Both are common but beautiful. I am also committed to creating beautiful re-useable everyday objects to replace wasteful throw aways like plastic shopping bags and paper napkins. I’m enjoying expanding my product line with clothing, pillows and aprons made from handprinted linen.